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SPINDEL Electronics is a service company as much as a manufacturing company. Our technicians will gladly help you to determine whether the problem is inside or outside of the drive. Any information you might have describing the problem, including the fault history recorded and operator’s observations are helpful.


Please contact us prior to shipping the unit back to SPINDEL Electronics to get a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. This RMA number is a case reference number which is assigned to a particular unit (case) and which should be noted on all shipping documents and related correspondence.

Support for SPINDEL Electronics Drives

At SPINDEL Electronics we offer knowledgeable and responsive factory warranty and non-warranty repairs, technical support, original parts and replacement units for our products. We maintain in stock practically all spare parts which could fail in operation and we can ship on a short notice. Our support is differentiated by:
  • Fast, responsive troubleshooting and repair services
  • Customer access to engineers who really know the products inside out
  • Knowledge and experience in many areas of applications
  • Availability of spare parts and support for a very long time
Having your unit repaired by SPINDEL Electronics is the best guarantee that the problem will be completely resolved, using original spare parts a nd that the unit will be like new.

Support for High Frequency Drives
Made by Selected Other Manufacturers

Recognizing SPINDEL Electronics' abilities and a helping attitude, our customers often ask us for support of other manufacturers’ products within our area of expertise. Some of these original manufacturers are out of business and some are, for various reasons, under-served in the North American market. Most high frequency drives we repair and replace were made in U.S.A., Europe or Japan.

Our experienced engineering personnel have a design level knowledge not only of the latest modern power electronics and control circuits, but also of older technologies often found on customers’ machines.

Through the worldwide reach of our suppliers, we can often locate obsolete parts. If we cannot find the originally used parts, we have the knowledge to specify the replacements with authority. These replacement components are often of higher quality and more robust, thus preventing the reoccurrence of problems.

Our application knowledge and experience in many areas, give us an advantage in solving elusive and difficult problems.


Replacement Drives

Many applications have specific requirements which complicate the selection of a replacement drive. After replacement, you expect your machine or process to perform at least as well as before, if not better.

SPINDEL Electronics takes into consideration dynamic performance, control interface, available space, environment, current harmonics and electrical noise issues, cost, and any other application specific requirement, before recommending a replacement drive.

As appropriate, we may recommend a replacement drive made by SPINDEL Electronics or by some other manufacturer.